CBD Tincture: Versatile and Accurate Dosing

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There are many CBD products out there that come in different forms. The CBD tincture is among the most popular forms of CBD. 

So first off what is a Tincture?

Tinctures have been used for physical ailments for thousands of years. Tinctures are natural blends of oils that have been extracted from plants. 

CBD tinctures are extracted from the hemp plant or also known as cannabis plant or plain old marijuana plant. There are a variety of different techniques to remove these oils. One method in removing the oils is to soak the plant material in food-grade alcohol. Another method to remove the oils is by using a gas to put the plant under pressure to sweat the oils out.

Residual  solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins may also be extracted, so it’s important that 

companies follow a strict protocol to remove these oils to test for these impurities and sometimes harmful toxins.

This is an important reason to do your research. Check out websites and look for reviews of these different versatile tinctures. 


In regards to the versatility of CBD tinctures, each company may have a different formula. For the most part, they may be very similar. 

However, there are definitely tinctures that contain THC as well as CBD. The tinctures with THC caused the psychoactive effect. 

These tinctures may show up on a drug test so keep that in mind for testing positive for marijuana use. The reason to get a THC tincture is that it helps increase appetite and suppress nausea. 

Many cancers treated patients turn towards this versatile tincture. It helps them with their appetite and nausea from chemo treatments.

If you’re looking for just the benefits of CBD without the THC it is important for you to get a tincture without THC. The CBD tincture alone helps increase the immune system’s functionality. 

Checking on the science behind different companies is a diligent way to make an educated and overall good decision. Look into the lab reports given by the companies and compare them with others. Here you’ll be able to compare the dosage of each cannabinoid.


Using a CBD tincture is a very accurate way to measure your dosage. It comes with a dropper you can count the dosage of your CBD intake very easily. 

In this regard, you can self medicate the CBD according to your body‘s reaction from it. Each day you can try a different dosage to feel its effects. 

When you feel the balance of mind and body and just how your body reacts to the tincture you have found your correct dose. In some cases, you may notice a difference in your mind and body on a certain dose but throughout taking it you may not experience it the same way. 

However, the companies will give their studied results for patients by body weight. But each person’s physiological makeup is different so experimenting with the dosage may prove advantageous.

There is no need to change the dose if it’s still working for you. Some people add the tincture to their beverages or food. This is a great way to avoid the flavor of the CBD tincture. 

However, it’s best taken under the tongue. The reason for this is because it’s the best place to ingest the CBD oil because it is made bioavailable very quickly. 

Through this method, it disperses through the rest of your body more quickly than any other form. There are pills, candies, sodas and other ingestible ways to take CBD but again, dropping it under your tongue is the most efficient way to reap all its benefits. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to have an accurate dosage of CBD when it’s used in edibles. The pills may be accurate but then again there’s nothing like having a tincture for versatility and accurate dosage.

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