“Coronavirus Has Really Left Us In Hunger” Sex Worker Cries Aloud

“Many guys who come to f^ck us do no longer show up”

The outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) has really affected so much in conflicting societies. Apart from the biggest fear resulting from casualties and cases being recorded, many continue to complain of being deprived of livelihoods.

As the stay-indoor campaign (lock down) is being enforced by the respective government, virtually all works of life is affected big-time. Though the civil society sees this as a preventive measure to curtail the pandemic among the citizenry. In that everyone is affected.

Commercial sex workers are not left alone in the catastrophe, many of which continue to complain of business downturn. In a quick chat with Legit9ja, one Lagos-based hustler “Blessing” poured out how the condition as worsened since the outbreak of Covid-19.

According to Blessing, hunger is now the major challenge as people do no longer patronize them. Not even the so-called “short-term” therefore crying out for Coronavirus to be over.

“This coronavirus outbreak has really left us in severe hunger, many guys who come to f^ck us do no longer show up. Not even to call us for hookups, we are in big danger. Hunger everywhere! The biggest prayer now is for this covid-19 to be over so that things will come back normal” …Blessing lamented

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