COVID-19: A 93-Year-Old Defiles The Laws of Death As She Survives The Novel Coronavirus!!

A 93-year-old has defiled the laws of Cornavirus as she survives from the deadly virus. Alye Gunduz was discharged from an Istanbul hospital after 10 days of treatment. Coronavirus is the number one spoken word in almost all part of the country as death case is still at the rise. A virus that can be transferred from one person to another without even knowing who the carrier is or how you were infected so for a 93-year-old to survive, It’s a sign of hope to human race.

Gunduz, a farmer from Turkey was taken to hospital on March 31 after she complained of high fever and stomachache. she was discharged on Friday and was cheered by her doctors as she offered some hope to health workers at Istanbul’s Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty hospital.

Gunduz who has spoken after her recovery wished those suffering from the disease a speed recovery as she said, “I wish a speedy recovery to everyone”. Gunduz is one of the few survivals of the novel Coronavirus and Turkey has registered more than 47,000 COVID-19 cases ranking among the 10 most infected countries in the world.

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