COVID-19: All You Need To Know About Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The sickest patients in any hospital are in the intensive care unit (ICU). You could end up here if you need particular treatment or need to be watched closely.

Who Comes Here:

Most people here have serious problems with one or more of their organs so things like the Lungs or the Heart or the Kidneys. For Coronavirus patients, It’s because they’re having trouble breathing.

How Does It Works:

Each ICU bed comes with a lot of equipment which can help the body and organs recover. For instance, ventilators help a person to breathe. Patients on ICU will be connected to lots of different machines via tubes, wires and cables to monitor their condition. The team in the ICU is highly specialized and there’s usually one nurse for every patient according to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), but with the Coronavirus pandemic, there is information also from the BBC, the staff often have to look after more than one patient.


“When someone is well enough, they’ll be moved to another hospital ward. This can be a matter of days, weeks, even months. It depends on the patient’s condition. And even when they’re discharged from hospital it’s likely they’ll need to spend even more time recovering at home.” BBC.

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