COVID-19: China Records Zero Death Case For The First Time Since January While Nigeria Hits 5!!

The Coronavirus pandemic first started in Wuhan China ( the epicenter of the outbreak) where over 3,331 people died and 81,740 confirmed cases was recorded according to BBC world news. Wuhan is set to lift up its lockdown ban on Wednesday as zero death and confirmed case have been recorded.

The Infection case dropped on Monday as it was reported in Beljing that the only reported cases where imported cases outside China(32 imported cases). The lack of death in China can be seen as a form of hope to the people as the city of Wuhan has been on lockdown since January in other to curb the spread of the virus.

Wuhan is set to lift its lockdown ban while other country are making sure its citizens obey the lockdown directives.

In Nigeria, the Coronavirus has hit the city of Lagos making them the highest recorded case according to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in Nigeria. At as 09:30pm, there was a confirmed case of 238, 35 discharged and 5 death. Lagos, Abuja and Osun are the three highest recorded cases in Nigeria with 120, 48 and 20 respectively.

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