COVID-19: Chinese Doctors Who Arrived Nigeria Set To End 14-day Isolation Today!

On the 8th of April, 2020, a team of 15 Chinese medical professionals arrived Nigeria with medical equipment worth $1.5m are expected to complete their mandatory 14-day isolation today.

The arrival of the Chinese medical team was not fully accepted by most citizen and medical practitioners in the country as they asked questions like: Who are these Chinese doctors? What are their names, designations and specialisations? Have they completed the mandatory two-week isolation? Have they started work in Nigeria? What is the scope of their work in Nigeria? How long are they going to stay in Nigeria?In a bid to answer the questions, the Minister for Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire said Nigeria is not the first country to need support from China as United Kingdom also got help from China. Osagie who said, this was not the time to start asking who need who or what, but a time for us to join force and work together in other to defeat and contain the current pandemic.

“We are not the only ones getting supplies from China…even New York got 1,000 ventilators from them as donations. Start with this recent evidence of Chinese experts giving technical support on COVID-19 to many countries, including our former colonial masters. “A group of Chinese experts also arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) to help deal with the coronavirus, bringing medical supplies with them. That was the first official medical team from China to the UK to help its fight against COVID-19. “I do not see the essence of dwelling on the issue of Chinese in the face of all our other challenges before us. Most nations were glad to get support and supplies from China.” He said.

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