COVID-19: Excessive Intake of Local Gin And Herbs Cannot Curtail Coronavirus – Dr. Ogunfeyimi Warns

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As the world combats a common enemy, countries are all in search for a cure or vaccine to help stop or prevent the disease from spreading. The disease which first started in Wuhan China has recorded a high number of death rate as economy of countries are at a decline. China which is the second highest economy in the world is facing its first economy shrink since 1992.

As the world search for cure, medical expert, Dr. Akintunde Ogunfeyimi, has warned Nigerians against excessive intake of local gin and herbal concoctions, saying it cannot curtail the spread of the coronavirus which no record vaccine has been known.

Dr. Ogunfeyimi, the chief medical director of Ondo state said, “There is no vaccine yet for the coronavirus, no scientific proof or research has confirmed that local gin and herbal concoctions can curtail the disease”. Dr. Ogunfeyimi made this statement in Okitipua when he spoke to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), stressing that many Nigerians are ignorant and have embraced this unhelpful practices in fighting the pandemic when there is totally no proof.

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