COVID-19: Identical Twin Sisters Die From Coronavirus

Twin sisters have died within three days of each other after testing positive for coronavirus according to BBC.

The coronavirus respects no boarders, individual, region, religion or ethnicity. As Katy Davis and her twin sister Emma where one of the thousands to have lost the fight against the deadly virus. Katy 37, died at Southampton General Hospital on Tuesday why her identical twin Emma, died at the same hospital early on Friday.

According to their sister, Zoe, both Katy and Emma were nurses at one time in their lives and they always say, they had come into the world together and would go out together as well. ” All they ever wanted to do was to help other people. Ever since they were young… they’d pretend they were doctors and nurses caring for their dolls. They gave their everything to all the patients the looked after. They were exceptional.” said Zoe.

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