COVID-19: NCDC Reveals When the Lockdown will End

Nigerian Center for Disease Control, NCDC, has revealed when the coronavirus lockdown will end.

Speaking at the presidential task force briefing on COVID-19 on Friday, Mr Chikwe Ihekweazu, director-general of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has given an update as to when the lockdown will be stopped.

In his words,

He said, β€œWe will eventually exit this stage and restart our normal life but that stage is still a while to come and I ask for your endurance, support and patience. Lots of efforts are going on across the world to find new therapy, to find vaccines.”

Ihekweazu further stated that the NCDC are working hard to reach a point where some measures can be relaxed adding that an unprecedented level of caution is needed to continue to carry out these preventive measures.

He maintained that the sacrifices of Nigerians are recognized and to achieve the goal we have to encourage each other to continue to a position where some of the lockdown can be relaxed.

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  1. Please enough is enough πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    We are tired of this lockdown pls do something in time

  2. Please we are tired were patient that they are infected we haven’t see any signs of them

  3. If the government is giving us something we will relax, but there re not giving us we re dying in hunger, that is why we can not stay at home.
    Some will say it is better to die on corona virus than to die on hunger,hunger is dangerous

  4. pls I think this is d high time to put a stop to this ,come to think of it we ve been in lock down for the past a month now yet the confirm cases still increases everyday and people re suffering ,they promised to give us food and money but ain’t see nothing …we re all down no income ,no money ,we re starving only poor can relate so pls let there be free movement and let it be mandated that nose mask and hand glove are compulsory pls let go out and work as the matter of fact 90% of our student re yet to pay school fees and we ve been told that our exam will commence as soon as we resume definitely 90% of students will fail as regards of not meeting up ,when our parents and guardians are seized of working …so pls am pleading let there be free movement

  5. Well,if this lockdown continues many Nigerians have no choice than to steal.but the question now is that where are they going to steal from?is it from those who don’t have what to eat in their houses or where? If this lockdown continues,hmmm! Nigerians will have no choice than to break the rules of β€œno movement” in order to feed their hungry families…the government should do something about this β€œlockdown” of a situation.thank you

  6. Abusufyan Sunusi

    I understood that you are doing the best if your ability to stop this covid 19. But kindly do something quick. The hunger is another pandemic disease during this lockdown period. May Allah (God) make the ends of this.

  7. How many of us
    were bombed by bokoharam and suicide at worshiping centre and market?but nothing like lockdown, as it happen now for the case of corona virus while hunger keeps eradicating our soul

  8. See we are dying of hunger…the fasting is here now…no income…no food… also will hit on in a bit……please the govt should find another means of income for this lockdown….its really alarming.

  9. We are not tired of staying at home but we are dieing in hunger.

  10. But I have a question to ask director chikwe ihekweazu and I wish I get answer to my humble question. I noticed that immediately EU gave Nigeria 27b grant,confirmed cases began to rise uncontrollably why? Why are you people forcing people to stay back home when you haven’t provide any thing for them to live on? Why are you people getting richer and richer at the detriment of your subjects? This question can straight this country only if this people will think and have conscience.. Master I demand an answer

  11. The reason why there is constant increasing cases here in Nigeria is because the lock down is theoretical and not practical.

  12. Pls let the lockdown ends, coronavirus is not killing us, only if you want us to die of hunger.
    How can somebody tie down a goat and refused to give it food.

  13. Are we staying at home with empty stomach, you people promise us money but we are now dying on hunger am tired of this lockdown, give us enough money then we will relax,not if u give us 5,000 you will expect us to relax because 5k can’t feed a new born baby in a week talk more of adult, Nigeria has the money to pay 50k each every week just that our leaders are so selfish,u have 36million for politicians and u don’t have 30k for the mass who is receiving who

  14. This pandemic is really tragic I thought china had the vaccine why don’t we patronize them

  15. I am appealing to the Federal government to do what can save the life of citizens, if it’s lock down let Nigerians sacrifice for the benefits of our dear country. Let’s endure this hunger to tell the horror story tomorrow.

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