COVID-19: NUAHP Trying Local Herbs For A Possible Cure

One of the high profile names to have contacted the Coronavirus was the Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde who has now tested negative to the COVID-19 and is conducting the affairs of the state progressively. The Governor who told newsmen on a telephone interview that he fought the Coronavirus with an Immune Booster, which was locally prepared and comprises of Carrots, Vitamin C and Black Seed Oil while in isolation has given Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP) the courage and zeal to search locally for a cure to the deadly Coronavirus.

Dr. Obinna Ogbonna, the National President of NUAHP has claimed they have been in connection with laboratory scientists, pharmacists and dietitians in a bid to search for a cure as local herbs and foods have been identified and testing is set to begin for their efficacy and potency to treating the Coronavirus. Dr. Obinna who made it known that products like ginger, garlic and onion have been used to treat flu, catarrh and cold which represent similar symptoms to that of the Coronavirus could yield a positive result if proper and more findings are being carried out.

According Dr. Obinna, he said, “We are making some progress already (in the search for a home remedy for COVID-19). It is an experimental research work so we have to test the findings over and over again so that you will not have a false-positive result that will not stand the test of time. The pharmacists have tried to come up with some findings which the laboratory scientists are testing on the COVID-19 virus to see if it will have significant degradation on it. Until we have proven it well, we will not want to be speculative on the works.”

Research gathered has shown, herbal medicines have been used since thousands of years and have become modern medicines though drug development. Examples of such drugs are; Artemisinin, Digoxin, Morphine and Colchicine.

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