COVID-19: Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Words In Line With The Current Pandemic!!

In November or earlier December 2019, the world watched what was known as an epidemic as of that time in Wuhan China gradually rose into a pandemic with Europe becoming the epicenter of the disease.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus was not created in a laboratory as a biological weapon neither did it escape any Laboratory as there is no proof to the rumored theory.

Countries are taking strict measures to contain the virus as many countries have gone on total lockdown. As the word search for a vaccine or cure, Oxford English Dictionary has decided to add most of the frequent used words in connection with the COVID-19.

Here are some of the added words: COVID-19, Infodemic, R0, Self-isolating, Self-isolation, Self-quarrantined, PPE etc.

According to the Executive Editor of Oxford English Dictionary, Bernadette Paton, he said some of the words were generated through social media and news. “Some of the terms with which we have become so familiar over the past few weeks through the news, social media, and government briefings and edicts have been around for years (many date from the nineteenth century), but they have achieved new and much wider usage to describe the situation in which we currently find ourselves.” He said.

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