COVID-19: President Trump To Halt Funding of World Health Organization (WHO)

Since the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China, countries all over the world have taken strict measures to ensure a further spread of the disease is contain. Lockdown of flights, boarders have been one of the strict measures, why citizens have been directed to observe social distance, sit-at-home directives, proper hand hygiene and face covering when in public.

According to Aljazeera, the President of the United States, Donald Trump has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) for failing to tell the world the truth when the Coronavirus first started in China. Trump who made it known that countries across Europe and other greatly affected countries would have been more safe if WHO would have called for suspension of travel to China and from China, more lives would have been saved.

The United States of America according to report has funded the WHO more than any other country with 50% while China funds only 10% so a halt will be really felt. The United States has the highest record of Coronavirus death in a single day a total of 2,082 deaths according to Aljazeera. With over more than 600,000 record case, and 25,000 deaths, US still remains one of the hit countries of the Coronavirus.

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