De Bruyne Ready To Extend His Career By 2-years

Kelvin De Bruyne one of Manchester City has told fellow Belgium team-mate Romelu Lukaku and Axel Witsel in an Instagram Question and Answer session that the reason he is not in Belgium is due to the lock down and self-isolation he had to go through.

De Bruyne as made it know that his children were ill during the early stage of the lock down but they are totally fine now. In his words, he said; ” I have been at home for two weeks, at the start, my family and kids were sick so that was worrying for me. it took eight to nine days for their recovering process but they are fine now. People ask why I am still in England not Belgium, they should be aware I have my family here and i also live here with my wife”.

De Bruyne also made it known that he would not stay at home after the lock down which has seen football matches put on hold due to the Coronavirus which is affecting all areas of social and economical life. The 28-year-old’s who has not played since March 1 because of health issues prolonged his career by another two extra years stating he has to make up for the time lost due to the pandemic.

“I told my wife that I am going to play a little longer after missing most of the our treble-winning season due to injury” De Bruyen said.

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