Things You Do Not Know About Soursop

HEALTH TIPS: Things You Don’t Know About Soursop

Soursop is a fruit with very nutrient dense which provides a good amount of vitamin c and fiber, it also contains small quantity of iron,niacin,folate and low calories.

Soursop is recommended for both the young and old because of its health benefit which are listed below:

1. IT HELPS TO STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR: soursop has shown to help stabilize and regulate the blood sugar.Its leave has shown to help reduce the sugar level in the body when consumed for a period of time.It is beneficial to diabetics patient when paired with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

2. IT HELPS TO FIGHT BACTERIA: soursop contains antioxidant properties which can be so effective against some bacteria’s in the body.Consumption of the fruit help to fight bacteria that causes disease such as staphylococcus,yeast infection,cholera and so on.

3. HELPS TO PREVENT CANCER: The fruit, leaves,tree’s bark and root are known to have the therapeutic potential to fight cancer and other benign tumor and diseases.However,drugs developed from this soursop plant are most likely to be effective to for cancer patients.

4. PROMOTES DIGESTION: soursop aid digestion properly due to its high level of fiber content.The fruit juice also acts as diuretic and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract by flushing out excess sodium from the body.

5. IT COULD REDUCE INFLAMMATION: soursop is know to be a good source of antioxidants which helps to repair damage cells and helps in the treatment of inflammatory disorders like arthritis and so on.


Put 1 liter of clean water and get it boiling
Take dried leaves of the soursop tree.
Take small soursop stem, cut it into pieces together with the leaves and put it all into the boiling water
Keep the water boiling for 30 minutes without covering the pot.
Filter the tea and drink 1 cup three times a day.
If you want some taste, add ½ teaspoon of lime juice to a cup of the tea and a little honey if you prefer your tea sweet.

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