How Nigerians Are Still Making Money Off Betting Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic!!

The rate of unemployment in the country can be attributed to one of million reasons Nigerians take refuge in the hands of visual or online football bet.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has not made it easy but has added more frustration to bet lovers as footballing activities were put on hold in a bid to curtail any further spread of the Coronavirus.

Bet companies all over the country and abroad decided to come up with a means to still keep their customers glued to their platforms as they make alternative betting activities. The two main alternative to real life football activities are:

1) Zoom Virtual Soccer.

2) Stimulated Reality League.

Zoom virtual soccer is a game featuring real team names and real league names but with entirely stimulated results and outcomes. The zoom soccer is unrelated to any real-life matches or leagues. Any zoom soccer virtual fixtures that correspond with a real-life equivalent is strictly coincidence.

On the other hand, the Stimulated Reality League offers a comprehensive range of pre-match and live betting opportunities. It reflect team form and normal match play creating an advance gaming experience. “We have listened carefully to our customers and the betting community who have made it clear there is an appetite for alternative means of betting during this time where this is a void in live sports action,” says Carsten Koerl, CEO, Sportradar. “Simulated Reality will give our sports betting partners seamless access to a highly unique product that is first to market at no extra cost and integration. As market leaders in the industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly pivot our business strategy and redirect our resources towards delivering new and innovative solutions such as this.”Unlike the Zoom Soccer, the stimulated reality league is played out over a full 90 minutes.

NOTE: These games are not played by real footballers but are programmed to give experience which is as close to real life.

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