How to Use Music Merchandise as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

How to Use Music Merchandise as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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At festivals, shows and musical tours bands have been selling merchandise to supplement their income. Above making few extra bucks, it grows the awareness of the public about the band and also serves as a reminder of an epic experience when fans saw the performance. 

Marketing merchandise or offering it as giveaways is very good in growing engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels. It is very effective in getting a vibrant audience that can help boost your marketing efforts. Here are other ways to use music merchandise as part of your marketing strategy:

Analyze the audience

If you would like to use music merchandise as part of your marketing strategy, the most important thing to do is analyzing the audience. It is easy to mislead yourself into thinking that this is a simple process. 

It is not that simple because you might have fans that span across different generations and genders. Older generations are not into things younger people like and producing merchandise for either generation only can make others uninterested. 

There are also a lot of different factors that you should take into consideration the type of graphics that will be included in the merchandise. If you have young ones that are still going to school, advertising profanity, weapons, or sexual content will not be effective.

Also, remember that men are less likely to buy t-shirts with other men on it, so try and create merchandise relevant for both genders. In some cases, you might have to create merchandise relevant for only one gender in cases of music such as death metal.

Sharon McKenzie is an academic writer for Write my thesis, the best essay writing service for students and also a pop culture blogger for a leading magazine. In her opinion, there aren’t many female fans into death metal, so creating male-centric merchandise in these instances can be much better. That stresses the importance of knowing who you are marketing to and what they like.

Be present

According to dissertation help service and top resume reviews report, When setting up a table at a concert, festival, or tour, there are various factors that will make potential customers come to your booth. The presence of key band members will help boost the engagement of fans because they will be more likely to come. 

In some cases, fans are not prepared to buy merchandise but if the band will be there, they might come. Their arrival was not primarily to buy the merchandise but rather to get an opportunity to meet and greet with the band as well as take pictures. 

Enticing fans by letting them know that you will be by the booth after the show increases the sales of the merchandise. When more people buy the merchandise, it means more individuals will get to know the band. 

Whenever someone wears the merchandise, people will be inquisitive and they will be directed to the music of the band. The growth of the merchandise marketing strategy will be slow if you are not found anywhere near the table. 

Remember, fans want to be where the band is, so when you are at the table before and after the show, there will likely be more conversions. Above that, you can also engage with customers more because you will have the opportunity to sign the merchandise, making the experience greater.

Have different prices

Some fans who are attending the show might not have budgeted to buy merchandise, which makes it important to have less expensive items. While some others might have attended your shows several times to notice that you always have a booth setup. 

For the latter group, having valuable items will drive them to make a purchase. There are inexpensive items that you can buy and brand with the intention to sell at a show that will make great souvenirs. 

The data analysis and marketing manager at Assignment help UK, one of the top essay writing services in its line of work, has some suggestions here. Some of those items can cost as little as $2 all the way up to $25, depending on what you have prepared. Having a price range with that much difference will also give fans some choice of what they can buy. 

Remember that even if some of the items do not yield much profit, that money will be made up when more people become fans due to the merchandise. Also, be flexible when you are at the tables when a customer says they have $8 for a $10 item, give it to them at their price. 

That money can be made back when new fans buy tickets and merchandise, just consider the marketing perspective of it.

Manage an online store

Apart from selling at the tables, there is another more efficient way to sell your merchandise. You can open an online store where all the merchandise available at shows and tours will be sold. 

That is beneficial because some loyal fans cannot come to the tour or show but absolutely love the merchandise. Some of those fans are from other countries and do not have the money to visit the countries you perform in. 

Managing an online store with a global footprint will help you reach more people than ever before. Perhaps the merchandise bought in different countries will grow the band’s following in those areas and as time goes, you might have the opportunity to perform in those places. 

To attract the audience to buy from the shop, it should be organized and mobile-friendly. Moreover, it should accept a variety of payment methods like PayPal, Skrill and diverse credit and debit cards. Ensure that the user experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Ship out items quickly

Another way to enhance the experience of selling items using an online shop is to ensure that the shipping aspect of the business is on point. The shipping should not take any longer than it should be, the world is becoming more fast-paced and that is why customers expect faster shipping.

If the merchandise is shipped at a snail’s pace, customers will not be pleased and might not recommend buying from the online shop. Another thing you should ensure is on point when it comes to shipping is the footprint of the freight company. 

If there are fans in Europe and other continents apart from North America, you should be able to ship to them. That makes it important to find a company that ships products globally at a reasonable price. 

The logistics part of the business is very important and speedy global shipments are what will make customers happy. It will also impact the global outreach you have and assist in making the band go international.

Incentivize the merchandise marketing strategy

Merchandise can help boost your marketing strategy but there are ways that you can incentivize this technique. You can run online contests and offer giveaways to the winners or promote user-generated content using incentives. 

For example, you can encourage customers to boost the marketing of the band by posting their pictures at one of the band’s shows. The prize for that could be a signed t-shirt or vinyl that will be shipped out to the fan that received the most likes. 

Alternatively, you can ask the fans to answer a few questions to see how much they know the band and the winner will get a personal delivery of the merchandise. The personal delivery will not be done by the courier but by the band members, making the experience much greater. 

Merchandise can be used to engage with customers and create an online community that contributes to the marketing of the business. User-Generated Content can drive more people to become fans of the band, benefitting you in the long run.

Stock up on a variety of merchandise

As mentioned above, having a varying price range will drive more purchases of the merchandise. Therefore, you should have different types of merchandise that will be aligned with a certain price range. 

For example, you can sell pins at $2 while t-shirts at $13 dollars and various other merchandise. What else can you sell apart from t-shirts and pins? Caps and beanies can play a large role in getting more sales and they are something that fans can wear on a daily basis. 

Fans with cars or laptops can prefer having stickers that they can stick to their possessions. Thus, creating branded stickers can be beneficial for the band and it will also increase your visibility. 

Stickers are very cheap but are very meaningful to sticker hoarders. Other merchandise similar to stickers is patches that go on top of denim and leather jackets. They are a cheap way for fans to make their own appealing jacket that markets the band to whoever the customer meets.

Make the table eye-catching

Above making your merchandise look cool, you should also ensure that the table looks very appealing. The table should make people walking from afar want to get up close and see what is going on at the table you have set up shop in. 

One of the most important things is getting the right location. Scout for a place that increases visibility and then spend some time getting props that will make the table stand out. 

That includes perfect lighting, especially if the concert is happening until after sunset. Getting neon light signs can stand out, however, ensure that the lighting is portable and easy to travel around with.

A well-lit booth with mannequins and other props will make the booth irresistible to loyal fans. They will want to buy something to return home with and keep as a souvenir of the concert.

The bottom line

Music merchandise can help market the band internationally because they can be sold online and with the use of global freighters, the items ordered can reach customers. Although running an online store is very effective, you should also consider ensuring that the table used by the band is attractive. 

Invest in lighting that will draw customers close and also have props that will make the merchandise look much better. Do not forget to have diverse merchandise with different price ranges for fans that may have come to the show without a lot of cash.

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