Kwara State discharged 2 Coronavirus Patients

According to Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrasak, announced the discharged of 2 Coronavirus patient after their recovery.

He announced this on his Twitter post that,

“I’m glad to announce to you that we have discharged two of our four confirmed covid -19 cases in Kwara. This was done after they both twice tested negative.

We also discharged five other people who have tested negative twice. These five people are family members of the confirmed cases; they were taken to a different part of the isolation centre out of abundance of caution.

With the exit of the seven persons, we have 11 persons left in the facility. Two of these 11 are COVID-19 patients while the remaining nine are people who haven’t tested positive but have had varying contacts with the confirmed cases.

They are all doing pretty good, and we wish the remaining two patients quick recovery.

I will like to state clearly that COVID-19 is not a death sentence. We will punish anyone who stigmatises any of our patients or members of their families.

I am proud of all the people of Kwara State for their support and understanding at this time of lockdown, which is to flatten the curve of transmission and save all of us from this pandemic.

I commend our health workers for their professionalism and commitment. We assure them of our support now and always.

May God protect us all.

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