Lagos State Discharges 49 Covid-19 Patients, As Gov. Sanwo-Olu Emphasizes Easing The Lockdown Guidelines

According to the Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu, 49 Covid-19 Patients has been discharged from the Isolation facilities after they tested Negative twice. He also stated guidelines for Easing the lockdown.

Read The Official Statement Below;

“Dear Lagosians, to begin my update on our phased plan for Easing The Lockdown, I start with some good news. Today, we discharged 49 patients from our isolation facilities after they tested negative twice to #COVID19 bringing the total number of discharged patients in Lagos to 143.

For each sector, we have specific guidelines for #EasingTheLockdown while balancing public health and the economy.

Public Service workers from Grades 1-12 will continue to work from home while Grades 13 and above will be on a flexible roster managed by the Head of Service.

Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will remain closed. Students are expected to continue learning on alternative media and online channels.

Corporate firms, banks, malls and local markets are allowed to reopen within the hours of 9am to 3pm under an enforced framework called “Controlled Easing Phase” and to operate at a capacity of 60% of their staff on the premises and 40% working from home.

We understand the role banks and financial institutions play in the economy, so we encourage them to reopen their branches observing the work hours of 9am to 3pm while also strictly observing social distancing, regular cleaning and sterilisation of the ATMs.

Eateries and restaurants will be open between 9am and 3pm but only for take-out and delivery services. In-dining services are not allowed. All food handlers and staff must go through exhaustive health checks, temperature checks and a high level of hygiene must be maintained.

On Easing The Lockdown, markets and stores will be allowed to operate from 9am to 3pm on selected days which will be communicated.

Occupancy of malls must be 60% of original capacity and social distancing must be observed. Wash basins and hand sanitisers must also be provided.”

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