My kids won’t leave me alone – Kim Kardashian

Parents from ”coronavirus affected” states of the world are silently praying for schools to resume because they can’t seem to get a break with their kids. Reality show star and business mogul, Kim Kardashian is also suffering the same predicament as she complains while filming a makeup tutorial video for her followers.

The mother of four stated that she had to hide in her guest’s bathroom to film the video because her kids won’t leave her alone. Her first child, North West,6 found Kim in her hiding place to talk about PE time and permission to wash her hands.


The 39-year old pleaded with the beautiful girl to use the other bathroom and asked for space to do just one fun thing. North over heard Kim insinuating that she and her siblings clingy and quickly termed Kim ‘mean’. Here’s the video

The KKW owner also debuted a mini mascara during the video tutorial.

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