Nasarawa State Government On A Spending Spray Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic!!

Nasarawa is among states without a Coronavirus case in Nigeria, but it’s a state that shares boundaries with Abuja, Kaduna, Kogi, Benue and Taraba State. Abuja which holds record of the second Coronavirus hit in the Country should spur the government of Nasarawa to prepare just in case there is a possible case. Some medical and health workers in the state on Thursday protested non-payment of their March salary by Dona Local Government Area.

They threatened to embark on industrial action from Friday if they are not yet paid but the state Governor, Abdullahi Sule has bought 24 Toyota Hilux vehicles for the state lawmakers which is estimated at nearly N500 million according to Daily Trust.

One may ask, is it wise to spend such an amount in a time when the world and country combat a common enemy? How prepared is Nasarawa if there was an outbreak in the state? Do they have ventilators? All these are questions yet to be answered when the priority of the state should have been channelled to equipping its hospital and preparing for the rainy days.

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