Nigerians Are Not Immune To Coronavirus So Stay At Home!

As the world take strict measures to curb the global epidemic, Nigeria as a country has taken its measures too.

Lockdown in major states and more affected states has been placed in a bid to contain the deadly virus that has put the world in a state of confusion.

As the lockdown continues, it is just wise to keep your social distancing, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and follow all measures put in place to curb any further spread and possible death case.

Nigeria has recorded 2 new death cases, making the death rate to increase by 4 and the total confirmed cases 210. With such strict measures, two death case have been recorded.

How did it happen?

What went wrong?

Did they hide their early state symptoms?

What of their parents or loved ones that were with them?

These are questions we should be asking the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). So far, Lagos has recorded the highest number of infected cases as reported by NCDC. In other to fight this virus, we all need to be ready and tell ourselves we are ready!

Government can’t identify everyone that shows signs of the COVID-19 but its advised to always report a suspected case if seen. Trust me, most Nigerian still don’t believe in the Coronavirus so let all play a game, Imagine the virus is not real, follow all safety measure as you imagine and let’s keeping imaging because Nigerians are not immune.

As at 10:30pm 3rd April, there are 

210 confirmed cases

25 discharged

4 deaths

For a breakdown of cases by states:


Lagos- 109

FCT- 41

Osun- 22

Oyo- 8

Akwa Ibom- 5

Ogun- 4

Edo- 7

Kaduna- 4

Bauchi- 3

Enugu- 2

Ekiti- 2


Benue- 1

Ondo- 1

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