Osun receives 49 Ivory Coast returnees

The Osun State Government has received 49 Ivory Coast returnees into the State after undergoing a 14-day quarantine at a Badagry isolation centre in Lagos State.

According to a public service announcement issued by Funke Egbemode, the Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation.

She said “49 indigenes of Osun yesterday returned to the state. 41 are from Ejigbo and 8 from Iwo. We have an official report showing they all have tested negative for COVID-19.”

“These 49 indigenes of Osun, on arrival from Ivory Coast, were graciously received by the Lagos State Government at the Nigeria-Benin border, were quarantined for 14-days in Lagos State’s facility in Badagry where they were tested for COVID-19 infection during the period. Those who tested positive to the disease were moved into Isolation Wards in Lagos, while those who tested negative to the infection were cleared and those from Osun  were allowed to return to State of Osun, their destination.”

“The State Government of Osun hereby assures its citizens that there is no cause for alarm or reason to panic. The returnees who were accepted into the State have been certified to join the society by the appropriate agencies of the government. Hence, they pose no risk or threat to the people of Osun.”

“The State Government urges its citizens  continue to trust that this administration is committed to protecting the people of Osun with everything within its powers.” she concluded.

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