Panic That “One Million Boys” Attacked Ikorodu And Environs…

There has been serious panic claiming the notorious armed group “One Million Boys” rampaged Ikorodu and environ of Lagos State on bloody attacks.

The public unrest which started since two days now has reportedly affected life activities in Ikorodu, in which residents have been staying villigant at all cost.

This as a result of the rumour, though out of fear that the so-called gang have mounted attacks starting from strategic locations of Ikorodu.

Popular Benson and Oju-Oro areas of Ikorodu were reportedly on fire with the rumour that the suspected “One Million Boy” had mounted weapons on strategic locations of the axis.

Thorough findings from Legit9ja shows that the rumour was mere panicking, in that the joint forces of security and vigilante groups took a parade round major places of Ikorodu to measure their preparedness of possible counterattacks.

Their arrival at different locations, residents took to their toes with the mindset of the “One Million Boys” being at war.

To stem the tide, the joint forces addressed the residents of their thorough supervision showing their fully ready and equipped to counter any impediment. Stay online as more reports come from the development.

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