Premier League Set To Resume Sooner Rather Than Later!!

Where are my football and Premier League lovers? The wait is almost over as the UK Government’s Cabinet Minister responsible for sports said he had been in talks with the English Premier League to ensure the game return sooner than later.

The English Premier League which is one of the most competitive leagues in the world has been on hold since March 13 due to the current enemy the world faces at the moment.Just few days ago, a report was made that Arsenal Football Club has allowed players to train in small groups. Arsenal are not the only team to have opened their training facilities as teams like Brighton, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur have already reopened.

Players will be more engaged with indoor facilities. According to Oliver Dowden, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, said: “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League with a view to getting football up and running as soon as possible in order to support the whole football community. But of course, any such moves would have to be consistent with public health guidance.”

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