President Muhammadu Buhari Congratulates Muslims

President Muhammadu Buhari Congratulated all Muslim brothers and sisters for the commencement of Ramadan fasting.

He posted this on his verified Twitter page that,

“I congratulate all Muslims as they commence this year’s Ramadan fast, which is depicted by self-denial, universal brotherhood, austerity and helping relatives and needy people.

These are also challenging times for us all. In this Ramadan period, the kind of socializing you are used to now risks spreading the Coronavirus.

Virtually all countries are advising citizens to avoid large gatherings and have their prayers and meals individually or with family at home. We must all refrain from usual Ramadan traditions such as group meals and congregational prayers, because of the Coronavirus.

But the pandemic must also not be used as an excuse not to participate in the Ramadan fast, unless such abstention is warranted by the exemptions clearly laid out by health and religious authorities.

I wish all Muslims in Nigeria and the world over all the blessings of the holy month”.

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