Social Distancing Is Not Enough To Curb COVID-19 – Ben Ayade.

The Governor of Cross River state, Ben Ayade, in has said the social distancing directive is not enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The Governor made this known in an interview with Channels Television. The Governor said the use of nose mask provides one the needed protection against the virus. He further explained that social distancing is not as effective as some people take it to be.

He stated as quoted below, that;

“Social distancing presupposes that things are so equal, that you stay in an isolated room, it is completely wrong because in natural circumstances, in our own cultural habit people are used to interacting, we are not electric poles, we are not trees, we are interacting by nature.

“Social distancing gives a false impression of security, because I know that if you and I stand together and I sneeze, that two metres distance, the factors that govern the transmissivity are things that are beyond your own control. Variables like humidity, wind speed, wind direction, how do you control those factors?”

At the moment there are no confirmed cases of covid-19 in Cross River state.

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