Which Are The Best Air Force Medals?

Which Are The Best Air Force Medals?

The awards and promotions given by the United States Air Force are something of a hobby of mine. I have always been interested in how these Air Force medals and other decorations are given out, and on what criteria commendations are granted. There are some very prestigious medals and ribbons handed out by the United States Air Force, and some are even household names. Some famous people have been awarded medals from the Air Force, including Charles Bronson, who was given the Purple Heart in 1943. Today I want to get into detail about some of the most well known and honored Medals and ribbons awarded by the United States Air force in the following article titled Which are the best Air Force Medals?

The top three most well known, and well respected the United States Air Force medals are as follows: The Medal of Honor, The Air Force Cross, and The Silver Star award. These US Air Force Medals are so prestigious that it goes without saying the recipients of these honors are some of the most patriotic Americans that have ever served this great country since its founding. These are the Medals that family members will revere for generations. The honored family members of the recipients of these Medals will display the medal or an engraved replica in their homes, often in the place of honor above the mantelpiece.

The highest honor for heroism in the United States Air Force is the Air Force Medal of Honor. This highest award is a gold five-pointed star, one point down, inside a wreath of green laurel. This award is often bestowed posthumously, as the recipient has fallen in defense of the United States. A medal of honor recipient will also be granted a  pension of $1,388.68 per month beyond the ordinary pay of his or her rank.

The next-highest honor bestowed by the United States Air Force is the Air Force Cross. It’s awarded in situations where the actions don’t quite justify the Medal of Honor. The Air Force Cross is awarded for specific individual acts of valor that occurred during an operation or mission that lasts more than a day. 

And the third-highest award given by the US Air Force is the Air Force Silver Star. You can be awarded the Silver Star for acts of heroism or valor over a period of the battle that lasts longer than one day. You may be granted the inscription of ‘Valor” if you have qualified by acts of heroism. 

No matter where you see one of the medals, you should take a moment to pause and recognize the incredible sacrifice required to get these honors. Without these brave men and women we could not enjoy the freedoms we have come to love in this great nation, and the least we can do is take off our hat and salute these brave warriors. Oftentimes, these medals winners will have been wounded in battle, and that is why they were given the medal and the accolades that accompany it. That heroism deserves our most solemn respect.

These medals are often awarded for Valor or some form of sacrifice on the field of battle. We should remember the bravery of those who have earned these highest awards by displaying them for all to see in our living rooms or family rooms. A nice display with the United States Air Force Silver Star would really look great in a nice frame somewhere prominent. When asked what it is in the frame, it would be an honor to recount the history of patriotism in the family that is on display.

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