Wuhan resumes activity after 76 days lockdown

Wuhan,the original focal point of the global pandemic –coronavirus has lifted its 76 days long lockdown. The lockdown lasted from January 6th 2020 to April 8th 2020.

The novel disease, coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan in December 2019, therefore to control the spread of the infectious disease to fellow citizens and to other parts of the world, their government imposed movement restrictions and total lockdown on the 11 million residents of the city.

Though the lockdown was ultimately lifted on Wednesday, there were gradual ease on the social restriction as the number of cases declined. China’s National Health Commission reported no new cases in Wuhan before the lift was made.

Citizens are now allowed to use the different modes of transportation only if they can provide the QR code that confirms their health status. 55,000 people are expected to leave Wuhan by rail while 10,000 are expected to leave by air service to rejoin with their family.

Though the lockdown has been lifted, schools are still locked. The city still has major precautions set such as; temperature checks, disinfectant spray, and 1.5m distance between people.

As of now, there are 254 confirmed cases in Nigeria.

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