5 Tips To Survive Running in The Heat

5 Tips To Survive Running in The Heat

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Running in the heat is a lot more challenging as your blood is coming to your skin surface to cool it down meaning that it leaves your organs. Basically, you will have to work a lot harder to keep running at the same pace. However, running in summer is a great way to strengthen your body and remain productive throughout the day. Here are some tips for running in the heat.

Choose Morning For Running

The coolest hours of the day are the early morning, approximately 6 or 7 a.m. Morning is better for a summer run than the evening time because the heat of the previous day was mitigated by the night and the asphalt stopped giving off heat. The alternative variant is to schedule your training in the evening, but keep in mind that the heat can still be felt in the air.
What is more, morning summer runs are a lot more refreshing. Even if you are used to running in the later hours, consider changing your routine for the summer, furthermore, waking up at that time of the year is rather a pleasure than a struggle.

Choose to Run In the Forest Or Local Park

Choose to Run In the Forest Or Local Park

In summer, it is better to run in city parks or if you are fortunate, in the woods. Besides, it is better to run away from concrete buildings. The shadow cast by different objects is different. At the end of the day, houses and commercial buildings give off heat, increasing the temperature and making you sweat more. The shadow created by the trees gives a temperature of a few degrees milder than the city tracks, surrounded by constructed dwellings and cars.

Drink Before, During and After the Run

Water is essential on a run. In case of extreme heat, you can even pour some water on the head and neck while training. Why do you need more water? When we sweat, the liquids and minerals leave our body, making it dehydrated. That is why the human organism requires more water in the heating season. By the way, there is no need to wait for the feeling of thirst, as this feeling means your body already lacks water. If you a not a complete beginner to running, then you probably know that you do not need to drink the entire bottle at a time, because otherwise, there would be a nauseous and obstructive feeling in the gut, that will make you feel uncomfortable. How to run in the heat and still provide a regular intake of liquid? If you chose to run a few laps around the park, then place a water bottle under the tree, for example, and take a few sips every time you run near it.

Choose Clothes Wisely

The fewer clothes you wear, the easier it is to survive running in the heat. A pair of parachute shorts, a tank top, or just the top is the way to go. Do not opt for tight shirts, leggings, or bicycle shorts. There must be some space between the skin and the fabric.

Also, pay attention to the material. Do not choose cotton as it absorbs the sweat and gets heavier as you run. It is better to buy sports clothes that are made of a breathable material, which expels sweat, regulates the temperature while having high ventilation areas under the armpits, and promotes air circulation. This outfit can be more expensive, however, it will definitely make a run in the scorching sun a lot more effective. Do not forget to write writing service reviews with Online Writers Rating for these clothes so that other people know how effective they are.

Besides, there is a common misconception that the more you sweat, the more weight you lose. Often people who believe that myth tends to wear more clothes than needed in order to generate more heat. But they do not think about the efficiency of their work – due to excess layers, they lose the pace and proper form.

Pay Attention to What You Eat

Hot marathon runners recommend to eat at approximately at 6 or 7 p.m. and go for a run in the early morning. Undoubtlessly, healthy balanced nutrition is better than fatty fast foods and will have an effect on the quality of your run. As we all know, it is impossible to out-train a terrible diet.

For those who run many kilometers, it can be more difficult to replenish glycogen stores and it is advisable to choose fresh, carbohydrate-rich, and highly palatable foods. Of course, we are talking about fruits and vegetables. Include them into your diet as much as possible and they will not only keep you satisfied but also promote weight loss.


Running in the heat will not be torturous if you follow these simple tips. Keep in mind, that summer is also a vacation period. And vacation also means disconnecting from everyday life, hence it would be beneficial to also have a rest from physical activity. It does not mean quit running for a certain period, but rather make it less a constraint but more a way to recharge, meditate, and feel your body.

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