A Message From Rudeboy To His Fans!!

Most people were born with silver spoon, some, golden spoon and others, rubber spoon, but the good thing about life is, everybody and anybody can still make it regardless of your birth status if only you are willing to work hard, smart, pray and believe.

Rudeboy, ex member of the twin group, P-Square took to his official twitter handle to motivate his followers, that they can also make it as it wasn’t all rosy as thought and till date, he hardly have free periods.

“I don suffer forget the lifestyle and glamour, when i think back with all the struggles and hustle, how I got to this stage, without going for holidays and trips till date, just strictly doing what i know how to do best. I just thank God for life” Rudeboy tweeted.

Like the saying, nothing good comes easy, you just have to work hard and be consistent and watch how you graduate from a zero level to a hero level.

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