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COVID-19 Lockdown: Borno State Reopens Churches, Mosques

Borno state government has reportedly relaxed the coronavirus lockdown in the state reopening churches and mosques.

The Deputy Governor and state Chairman, COVID-19 Response Committee, Usman Kadafur, in a recent statement explained that the purpose of imposing a lockdown has been achieved. 

Kadafur however insisted that the lockdown will return to the state if there are new cases.

He said, “The lockdown is being suspended indefinitely to study the situation for the time being, however, where the situation escalates, the government should revert to the status quo. 

“The use of facemasks by the public be made mandatory and enforceable. 

“Government, traditional rulers, religious leaders, community leaders, and opinion leaders should enforce social distancing, especially in public gatherings/worship places. 

“Henceforth, Juma’at prayers and five daily prayers shall be observed in all mosques as recommended by Borno State Council of Ulamas in strict adherence with the social distancing and the face mask. 

“All churches shall conduct church services as recommended by the Christian Association of Nigeria, Borno Chapter in strict adherence to social distancing and use of facemasks.” 

According to the statement, civil servants from grades 1-12 were told to continue working from home while strict conditions were given for public transportation, sales of liquor and other commercial activities. 

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