COVID-19: Ondo s*x workers take service to the home of willing clients to keep ‘business’ alive

Commercial s*x workers in Ondo State has revealed they now take their service to their clients at home in order to avoid being arrested by the COVID-19 task force.

The ongoing efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic to a standstill has continued to take a severe toll on Nigerians and the economy of the country.

Like every category of workers and business owners in the country, the lull in commercial and economic activities has also gotten to commercial s*xworkers in a hard way.

Last week, at least 18 commercial s*xworkers were arrested in Ondo by the state government for flaunting the lockdown and social distancing order.

According to Sahara Reporters, some of the ladies revealed that they now took the service to the home of willing clients for an agreed fee as a new way to keep the business going.

The sex workers revealed that they devised this means rather than wait for such customers to come to the brothels, which has become difficult in recent days due to the crackdown by government officials.

Social networking platforms like InMessage  and tinder are now being used by these s*xworkers to track down willing clients close to their areas of residence.

Many of the sex workers, who said they had no other means of survival, told our correspondent that they have had to adapt to the reality on ground to put food on their tables.

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