“Debt Will Be The Death of Our Economy”- Atiku Abubakar

Nigerian former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has warned the present administration to focus more on how to get the economy running again by cutting most of their expenditures. In a tweet that was tweeted from the official handle of Atiku, elaborated that Nigeria cannot afford luxuries during austerity.

Atiku who made mention of how Nigeria has lost touch with the current realities in the global political economy due to the current pandemic, urge the present administration to be careful or debt will be the death of our economy and bonds will put our people in bondage.

According to Atiku, the best way out of this economic quagmire is to reduce our expenditure and put Nigerians first and cut our coat, not according to our size, but according to our cloth. He also made mention of the billions budgeted for the travels and feeding of the President and Vice has to be reduced, budget meant to run the Presidency and Legislature has to be downsized, salaries of civil servants should be left alone why that of political appointees should be reduced.

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