“Everyone who held and is holding any political office in Nigeria including me has failed Nigerians”- Dino

Most leaders are not just made leaders or chosen, some are born leaders and when they lead, their presence are always felt. How old is Nigeria? Have we had any good leader figure?

Dino Melaye is a Nigerian politician, an ex-senator and was a member of the 8th Nigerian National Assembly, representing Kogi West Senatorial district. Dino who has been in office since June 2015 to 11 October 2019 made a shocking message on his Social Media page which has brought mixed reaction to not just his followers but to Nigerian citizens.

According to Dino everyone who has been in a position to rule either elective or appointed and including him as failed the country. He said: “Everyone who held and is holding any political office in Nigeria whether elective or appointed including me have fail. We sold Crud Oil for 64 years but we couldn’t feed our citizens for just 2 weeks of lockdown!! well, the God of the poor will judge us all. It’s time to reboot.”

It’s still a form of surprise that Dino is actually saying this when he’s no longer in active service because he had opportunities to have made incredible change but what did he do? Did he really impact, or he was all for the money?

So many people argue on the grounds that, Dino is a Celebrity Politician as his lifestyle is top of the game, you can’t even imagine the kind of house he lives in, it can accommodate a whole village.

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