How The World Pandemic Is Changing Music Demand

How The World Pandemic Is Changing Music Demand

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The world coronavirus pandemic has adversely impacted different sectors, including the music industry. On-demand music streams in the US have already had a 10% drop. Other affected countries have also shown a decrease in streaming, as analyzed by Quartz.

Not all is lost as kid’s music has experienced a 10% rise. Again, some artists are feeling the pinch more than the others.  Here, let’s see how the music demand has changed with the current pandemic.

The decrease in audio streaming

There has been a decline in music streaming services, mostly in countries that have experience COVID-19 cases. Global Spotify streams of Top 200 have seen an 11% decrease since the implementation of quarantine and lockdown measures in affected regions.

The continued decrease is likely to be experienced as people focus more on televised options. As well, many people are listening to the same music at home, plus the loss of those who would listen on daily commute could further explain the decrease.

Due to stay-at-home orders, many are turning to visual media, which serves all at the same time. There is an increase in TV viewing with CNN going up by 119% as of March, meaning less time spent streaming music by a significant number of people.

Shutting down of bars, shops, colleges, and other institutions could mean less playtime as people practice social distancing.

Increase in video streaming

While the audio streaming is spiraling downwards, the video viewership is rising. Music Business worldwide did the analysis using the Italy case and reported a 14.5% increase in the on-demand video. is regarded as the best dissertation service for students. It has collated some interesting data from various platforms. The change in people’s behaviors could explain the increase as many stay in-door; thus, comfortable to watch the video. There is already a 31% growth in Twitch viewership and a rise in Netflix subscription, which further explains the change in consumer preference as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

Their report further states that with the increase in video streaming, the sales of albums have been affected too. Digital singles have seen a 10.7% drop, digital collections 12.4% with the physical album being affected more with a reduction of 27.6%. Understandably, due to the need for reduced interaction, people are shying away from buying a physical record to avoid contact.  

Stream boom of country music

Despite the general decline of the audio streaming, the country music is yet to feel the pitch. During the last weeks of April, the stream went up by 14.3%. The reason could be because country music is great for many during both difficult times, such as the pandemic period and happy times.

A lot has happened during the pandemic period as the world has lost great country musicians, Joe Diffie and Kenny Rodgers. The boom during the world pandemic could be due to many playing music in honor of the diseased. The virus plays a part, though, with continued streaming a month after their passing on.

According to Katie Palmer of Best Custom Essay, the release of new albums from Sam Hunt and Kelsie Ballerini could also be attributed to the streaming boom. Given the fact that people have much time as they stay indoors and keeping up with the latest, it expected for them to listen to recent releases. More so, there will be an increase in demand for therapeutic ones like country music.

Ban of live events

No large event can happen without the play of different kinds of music as a means of entertaining people. The world pandemic has affected that given its easy spread from one person to the other. Many countries have canceled all live music, festivals, large gatherings, and concerts.

Glastonbury international festival that was set to celebrate its 50th birthday has been canceled indefinitely. Other such as Los Angeles Coachella festival has been postponed until late in the year.  The aim has been to curb the spread of COVID-19 that has been spreading like wildfire.

Even smaller festivals like Indie ones have been affected by the current world pandemic. There is already a 44% decrease in ticket sales even with the postponement of the celebrations. As reported by the Association of Independent Festival, 92% of the members attribute the drop to the virus.The companies that support live music in the US, such as AEG and Live Nation, have suspended their tours.

Introduction of music live streams from home

Following the cancellation of live music events, the musicians are now turning to creative ways to reach their audiences. Swae Lee and American musician took people by blow as he hosted concert alone in his studio that was showing on Instagram live. Many people appreciated his efforts as it keeps up with world pandemic requirement for social distance.

The upload of the same is on YouTube for on-demand streaming. Other musicians are following suit with pianist Igor Levit already shared 30 minutes live concert with fans on Periscope and Twitter.

The trend is likely to continue as it has been reported that many musical and operas will take place from empty concert halls and homes.

Live battles have been witnessed too on Instagram live. The innovation comes from musicians who want to get the attention of their fans even as they stay safe during the pandemic period. Two artists share favorite and biggest hits with listeners expected to vote the one who takes the day.

Timberland and Swizz Beats have taken up the battle with others following suit. Hitboy and Boilda, the superstar producers, and The-Dream and Ne-Yo have appreciated the concept too.

Increase in digital radio performance

People want to stay up-to-date with the latest news on the Coronavirus. Many now prefer to listen to music on the radio as they wait for the breaking news. Smooth radio playlist has seen a 12% rise since the spread of COVID-19 to many countries.

The radio stations are keen on their music selection, as most play encouraging and sensitizing songs. Those artists that have composed songs to educate the public on the world pandemic have had a boost in air plays.

The world’s biggest radio station, Heart, has seen an 11% increase of daily audience attributed to the virus pandemic to a greater percentage. BBC has had an 18% increase, LBC’s 43% growth, and the World’s digital advertising exchange, DAX, has seen a 156% rise of audience.

No doubt, that the songs that have had radio plays are among the lucky ones as they will continue having a boost with more tuning to the radio.

The massive decline in pop, rap, and Latin music types compared to others

Despite the general decline of audio streaming, some artists are feeling more pitch than the others. For instance, kids’ music is experiencing a boost. As schools are suspended in affected countries, parents are finding it wise to entertain their children with age-appropriate songs.

The pop, rap, and Latin have had it rough as there is a sharp decline in the streaming of this type of music. Cardi B, one of the favorite rappers to many, had a 17.5% decline in streams in the weeks ending March. Daddy Yankee streaming has seen a 24% decline.

Social distancing, as a result of COVID-19, plays a significant role in the massive decline of the three types of music. They are social music types that people like listening to at parties, when handing out with friends and even at the gym. The shutting down of social places thus means less demand for the music type.

Creation of new music genre

The musicians are struggling to remain relevant during the world pandemic period. There is the introduction of a new music genre to create a fan base following the fall in demand for the old ones.

There is an introduction to machine music that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating music. VPRO, a Dutch public broadcaster, is working on composing his next hit using AI for the Netherlands with others left to follow.

There is a set competition of 13 teams from Australia and Europe that are required to compose a pop song with the integration of AI. ‘Beautiful the World’ song has already come up from the Australian team. Great utilization of the machines has led to the creation of sweet random lyrics.

The demand for machine music could rise following the lockdown virus measures. The creative musicians are the ones who are bound to survive amid the pandemic.

What is being done as music demand changes?

A lot is happening to help musicians to survive the COVID-19 season. Artists are losing revenue, and many countries are coming up with ways to support them.

Bandcamp has already waved its revenue share in support of the artist. The money spent on the platform is set to be given out to the musicians. Spotify has come up with a Music Relief project aimed at supplementing those artists whose income will be affected due to pandemic.

Apple has not been left behind as it has launched the ‘Come Together’ platform in support of the artists. The platform host music Videos, playlist, and top radio selections for free to help boost music demand. The reduction of subscription fee on the consumer side further encourages them to listen to music hosted in the system


A lot has happened in the music industry following the outbreak of the world’s pandemic. People are listening more to uplifting songs and shunning from social music. The implementation of the measure to curb the spread of the virus is one major thing that has caused a drop in social music plays. Luckily, many organizations are coming up to support the artist during the current world pandemic period.

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