Kaduna State extends Lockdown with two weeks with adjustment (Read More)

Kaduna State government announced the extension of lockdown with 2 more weeks.

“KADUNA UPDATE: Malam Nasir @elrufai has extended the Quarantine Orders by two weeks, with adjustments to permit the easing of restrictions in certain sectors, Deputy Governor @DrHadiza Balarabe has announced in a state broadcast

The revised regulations are intended to preserve the state’s ability to protect citizens, empower citizens to lead the fight against Covid-19 and make necessary adjustments to permit the safe resumption of the pursuit of livelihoods in more sectors.

KDSG salutes the people of Kaduna State who have endured many inconveniences as they complied with the Quarantine Orders over the last 60 days. These sacrifices have not been in vain. Without them, infection rates will be much higher

Many citizens have embraced the exercise of personal responsibility, including wearing facemasks when outdoors, washing hands with soap and water regularly, observing physical distancing and avoiding large crowds. These new habits will help keep our communities safe.

This week, the relaxation of movement will be effected on Wednesday and Thursday. Temporary neighbourhood markets will open from 10am-4pm on both days.

From Monday, 1st June 2020, the revised regulations will come into effect. They give citizens a three-day window every week to shop for food and other essentials. Until otherwise stated, the lockdown-free days will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from next week.

The adjusted orders expand the ability of citizens to resume the pursuit of livelihoods, in permitted sectors subject to compliance with health and safety protocols. Private sector firms that meet these requirements will also operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday

This window also allows vulcanisers, welders, mechanics and providers of similar services to operate on the same lockdown-free days.

Schools, places of worship & markets will remain closed under the adjusted orders. KDSG officials will be engaging with religious leaders, transport unions, traditional institutions, market unions, school proprietors and other stakeholders on the circumstances for safe reopening

Restaurants will have not been specifically licensed as essential service providers during this period.

The public sector will also use the two-week extension to prepare for limited resumption. Heads of Ministries, Department and Agencies will ensure that government offices are reconfigured for physical distancing and that handwashing facilities are available.

Many of the cases recorded in Kaduna State have either been from persons with history of interstate travel or their contacts. Personal responsibility is the weapon that every citizen must wield to ensure proactive protection for themselves and others from infection by Covid-19.

The danger from Covid-19 has not gone away. It remains a very infectious and disruptive disease. Therefore, to avoid its perils and protect lives, citizens must henceforth take the lead, as individuals with responsibility for themselves, their families and their societies”.

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