Landlord Allegedly Shoots Tenant To Death For Delaying To Vacate Apartment

What is this world turning into? Landlord and Tenant relationships will forever remain one of the most confused set of relationships in this part of the world.

When one landlord is regarded as the best, another, the worst, that goes same for tenants who have been called all sort of names by their various landlords. A landlord has been arrested for allegedly shooting his tenant to death for refusing to vacate his house after he ordered him to vacate from the apartment.

According to a Facebook user, Blessing Naana Ansah, she said the landlord shot her brother and won’t be released for taking the life of her brother. “Yesterday this man shot and killed my brother at Ofankor. Mr. landlord who is disappointed bugar, you won’t go free. No one will bail you out for taking a life. He was asked to vacate his room yesterday but couldn’t finished packing so he wanted to live today and the landlord got angry, pick a gun at him why he still in his room and then shot him.” Blessing wrote.

Blessing also showed evidence which stated her brother’s rent expired the same day he was shot. No news has been released from the Landlord’s family to debunk Blessings comments.

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