MusicBrainer: 4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building A Music Career.

There are two major aspects to music and being a musician – these are the art of composing music and the business of composing music. To be considered a prosperous musician requires that, you have perfectly mastered the art of making good music and handling the business aspect of it. However, not many people understand how this works.

While there’s a lot you can do to turn your world around and make things start working for you, be sure to check and learn from the mistakes of others in the industry. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when building a music career.

1. Not Having A Plan For Your Career: You’ll be making a terrible mistake if you have no plan for your music vocation. Your career plans should include your goals, strategies, objectives, market analysis, tactics, project timeline, and projections.

2. Failing To Network: While skill and talent plays a consequential role in having a successful career in music, networking will also give you an added advantage. You can do this by promoting other musicians you know, and ask them to do the same for you. You can also do this by collaborating on projects together.

3. Poor Timing Before Song Release: Give yourself enough time to promote your last single and build enough anticipation before you greet your fans with a new music. On the other hand, you also have to ensure that you give consistent and enough awareness before releasing your new song.

3. No Fan Interaction: It’s paramount that you learn to connect with your fans. Have a mutual interaction with them all the time. You can do this using your social media channels. You can post behind-the-scenes footages, have pop-up shows, studio sessions, and run- through activities.

4. Wanting To Stay Independent: Why the rush? No one gets there alone. You do not need to leave that record label just because you have made one or two hit songs. Sometimes you need to remain where you are at the moment, till when you are fully grounded in the music business and know your way around. Today, we have an array of artists who ruined their music careers after leaving their record labels, just because they want to stay independent.

In addition to the highlighted mistakes, it’s important that you never compromise on the quality of your music. If you’re hoping to have your big break into the industry someday, then ensure you do as much as you can to avoid making these mistakes.

Remember when “Words Fail Music Speaks – Bring Your Music To Life”.


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