‘My Brother Is Not Mentally Unstable, He has Autism’- Tola Otedola

Who doesn’t know Otedola with the money? Our own billionaire and father to DJ Cuppy? Anyway, Otedola is one of Nigerians Millionaire. One may wonder where is his son as he’s hardly seen around his family and doesn’t show in social events as his other siblings.

Does Otedola has a son? Yes he does but not really strong as he was describe by a fan as mentally unstable. One of the Otedola’s daughter, Tola took to her Instagram page to educate the fan who called her brother “mentally unstable.”According to Tola, her brother has autism and is not a disease or illness rather it means that the persons brain works in a different way from others and the person would need the full love from family and friends as its not a death sentence.

According to findings, Autism is A serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Autism spectrum disorder impacts the nervous system.

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