Nigerian military is weak, Boko Haram is defeating them – Ohanaeze President, Nwodo

President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. John Nwodo, has alleged that Boko Haram the Nigerian military is weak claiming that Boko Haram is defeating them.

Nwodo claimed that the Nigerian military is incapable of fulfilling their constitutional obligation to defend the country’s sovereignty against the Boko haram insurgents.

He spoke at the opening session of a video conference organized by Governance Index on Monday, tagged, “Coronavirus Pandemic: Is it time to reevaluate the political structure of the country.”

Nwodo also insisted that the military foisted the current constitution on Nigerians.

Nwodo said: “We have never made constitution for Nigeria. It was given to us by the Armed Forces Ruling Council of the military government, which was not elected. The composition of its legislative body was not chosen by any parameter known to anyone.

“They wrote the constitution and abandoned the agreement our forefathers had with British when we got independence, for a regional based government in which every region has its security, its own economic development, with each exercising sovereignty over its resources and paid taxes to Federal Government to run common services for the federation, but today it is no longer the case.

“Boko Haram has completely paralyzed our military and rendered them incapable of fulfilling their constitutional obligation to defend our sovereignty. There is mutual distrust between the South and North, I mean far North, excluding Middle Belt.

‘’Working through your farms in any part of Southern Nigeria or the Middle Belt has become a very frightening phenomenon. Our children who take up self-determination exercises without carrying arms are called terrorist organization, but herdsmen who are on rampage, who loot, kill, and rape are treated with kids gloves, while their leaders threaten us in the social media.

“98 per cent of heads of security personnel in the South East are non-indigenes. As a consequence, there is poor security in the region. Some of us that were trained in Europe and America, we know that in global parlance, local policing is the basis for any territory security.”

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