“Ordinary 6 Years”- Man Laments As Girl Dumps Him After 6 years of Engagement

A friend called it Lord of the rings, but was it really worth it? In this part of the world, where guys are mostly called scum for their various behavior towards the female folks it’s more bizarre and frustrating for a girl who has worn an engagement ring for 6 years and yet, nothing to show for.

Is Engagement A One Way Ticket To Marriage?A man whose six years’ engagement to his fiancée has been abruptly called off, took to his Facebook to air his frustration.

“Ordinary 6 years of engagement oh! She just returned my ring, saying she can no longer wait for just 4 more years” He wrote.

Nigerians have taken to the post to blast the man, calling him all sort of names for even planning on keeping her for another 4 years without any form of marriage guarantee as engagement is not just a sure ticket to marriage.

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