See the Leader of the gang that murdered Catholic seminarian

Here is the leader that kidnap and murder a catholic seminarian.

According to Twitter user Adetutu Balogun posted that,

Mustapha Mohammed aka Mairutuwa, leader of the kidnap gang that murdered Catholic seminarian, Michael Nnadi, of the Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Kaduna state in January 2020, has revealed why he killed him despite collecting ransom.

On January 9, some armed men stormed the Catholic seminary and kidnapped four seminarians, murdered one of them, and released the remaining three on January 31 after they received a ransom from the seminary.

Mustapha said from the day Nnadi was abducted, he kept preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and told him to his face to change his evil ways or perish.

He said late Nnadi did not allow him to have peace as he continued preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to him even when he knew they were not of the same faith.

He said he did not like the confidence displayed by Nnadi and so he decided to kill him”.

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