“Shut Up Fool, You Need Glass”-Bukola Adeeyo Slams A Fan Who Tried To Correct Her Dress Sense!!!

Bukola Adeeyo is a Nigerian film actress and producer. Bukola was born 18 December 1989 in Abeokuta, Ogun state. She is the first of four children from her parents.

In a time when Nigerian celebrities are easily dragged on social media for various reasons, Bukola was a victim of such an unpleasant act, as her own fan was the main player of the act as he took to her Instagram page to rain causes on her for the kind of outfit she wore as he felt it was not painting a good image of her.According to the fan, “You for kuku naked.. make we know watin you dey work.. as i like you reach eh.. you don f-up.” Bukola who was not in her chill days, told the fan to shut up.

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