Taxi Driver Abandons Wife After She Gave Birth To Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins are also called Siamesa twins. They are babies born physically connected to each other. Conjoined twins develop when an early embryo partially separates to form two individuals.

Anayochukwu Njoku is a taxi driver from Umuakagu, Agbahara Nsu in Ehime Mbano council area of Imo state. It was reported that he abandoned his wife and new born babies after she put to bed. According to reports, his wife, Chidinma died three hours after delivery. Njoku who could not behold the sight disappeared immediately and his location as at this time is still unknown.

Director General of the Imo State foundation, The Humanitarian Organ, Mrs. Beulah Chukuma informed newsmen that the children were brought in after the disappearance of Mr. Anayochukwu Njoku.

“Presently we have a family with conjoined twins. Their mother died hours after giving birth to them in a maternity in Umuokoto Nekede in Owerri West Local Government Area. The Children was brought to the foundation after the case got to the desk of Governor Hope Uzodinma. We are reaching out to quickly get their surgery done so that they can begin to live a better life” Mrs. Beulah Chukuma said. 

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