Twitter Nigeria Seeks For Justice Due To An Alleged Rape Case Carried Out By 5 Young Men!!

Justice for Jennifer is the new trending news in TwitterNG as Nigerians have gone on the Social Media Platform to seek for justice after it was reported that a girl was molested by 5 young men.

Say no t rape is the keyword as a video of a young girl circulates round. According to a twitter user, the girl is 18-year-old and was molest by 5 young men and the family of the victim has been on the case for weeks. According to reports, the Police have been accused for extorting money from the victim of the family after they have arrested 2 member of the 5 man team to have carried out the evil act. According to some reports, the girl is pains and shock and is acting mental drained from the incident.

At as this point, there is no official message from the Police as Nigerians seek for Justice. No matter any situation, rape is not accepted in the society and should be treated as a serious case.

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