Boy Shades His Lecturer for Trying to Share in His Success Despite Failing Him Years Ago

What do you know about Success? Success is so sweet that it can attract the good, bad and even the ugly towards your direction. This is a story of a boy that was shown the red flag by his former lecturer but now, the lecturer sings song of praise to him name.

According to a Twitter user, Timi Ajiboye, he made a post, congratulating his team for their effort on a particular Bitcoin Exchange Application were he boasted with the application, one can buy and sell their Bitcoin at whatever price they want to and their money would be transferred directly to their bank account.

Timi got the shock of his life when his former lecturer sent him a congratulation message saying “God bless my Boy! Very proud of you”.

Timi was quick to respond as he shades his former lecturer who he claimed failed him for didn’t following an exact calculation methodology despite getting the right answers back then.

“This is very rich coming from a lecturer that failed me because I didn’t follower the exact calculation methodology (for binary operations) from a specific textbook (despite still getting the answer right).” Timi tweeted.

This is still practiced by most lecturers in our higher education level, they believe you should always give them verbatim what they taught, and anything outside that, you will fail. Lecturers need to do better when it comes to various methodology contrary to theirs.

Congratulations Timi Ajiboye.

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