Check out the Profiling Robots that check temperature and unwanted items in Nigeria(Photos)

The Federal Government of Nigeria is doing everything possible to bring back our normal way of living before the pandemic, as a Profiling Robots have been acquired.

According to reports, the Profiling Robots work is to process passengers, identify unwanted items, check temperature, and can even lead or direct (meaning its interactive).

A Profiling Robot is an intelligent robot that uses a giant screen to provide passengers with information on flights, the weather and points of interest at the points of interest at the airport. The future is bright, as maintenance is the key to this lasting achievements.

Nigerians have taken to their social media platform to sing song of praises as this is a welcomed development under President Muhammadu Buhari’s lead government to ensure citizens are safe, and properties are not lost.

It’s still yet unknown how many airports I Nigeria has the Profiling Robots and how many per airport.

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