Davido’s Daughter Gets A Surprise Package As She Loses Her First Tooth

Back in the day, whenever we lose a tooth, we put it under our pillow for the unknown fairy to change it to money; But Davido and his daughter just changed all that.

Davido’s first daughter, Imade Adeleke lost her first tooth and received a heartwarming surprise with gift courtesy of the tooth fairy. Sophia Momodu, who is the mother of Imade, showed her much love as she appreciated the wads of cash, flowers and chocolates which she got from the unknown fairy.

Imade was full of smile as she held the cash and flowers and thanked the tooth fairy for her gift.

“Thank you for all the goodies, tooth fairy. Take good care of my first fallen tooth for me” message from Imade’s Instagram page.

Nowadays, everything is for the show off on social media as celebrities always want to trend by every means possible. We all know who the tooth fairy is, and why it was done, but in all, it’s good to see a smile on her face and the beautiful family bond.

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