Donald Trump Accuses Twitter of Being One Sided as Jack Dorsey Responds in A Swift Manner

If you know Donald Trump, the United State President, you will understand his connection and love for Twitter. As he can be seen as one of the most influential user of the social media app.

Just last month, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at limiting the broad legal protections enjoyed by social media companies after he tore into Twitter for fact-checking two of his tweets. Fact-checking is to investigate an issue in order to verify the facts of the content.

Just few hours ago, the United States President took to his official Twitter account to call out Twitter for pulling off his video of him showing empathy for peaceful protesters. Donald Trump who has accused of being against peaceful protest in the country, took to his tweet to debunk the news.

“Twitter pulls Trump campaign video of President showing empathy for peaceful protesters. They are fighting hard for the radical left democrats. A one sided battle. illegal. section 230!” Trump tweeted.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has hinted that the President’s tweet is false and not illegal. According to Jack, the video was pulled because they got a DMCA complaint from copyright holder.

“Not true and not illegal. This was pulled because we got a DMCA complaint from copyright holder.” Jack responded.

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