Dr. Anu In Trouble As Nigerians Seeks For Her Arrest, After Another Alleged Failed Surgery

A Nigerian-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anu Fella has been dragged by Nigerians for another surgery gone wrong on a patient.

Dr. Anu who is the owner of Medical Contour was just dragged last month by a client, after the lady shared a video online preaching about body positivity and also urged women not to patronize Medical Contour, as she has been battling waist pains after undergoing a hips reduction surgery.

Dr. Anu who is also in the news again after her recent surgery which was termed ‘A Big Failure’ is yet to make an official statement in regards to the recent allegations. A video of a young lady went viral on Twitter after she was seen crying and seeking for help after the failed surgery that took place 2-months-ago according to her. Nigerians have taken to Twitter to call for the arrest of Dr. Anu as they feel the rate of her failures is becoming alarming and also requested for her license to be seized.

“I’m no longer having pity for anyone Dr. Anu butchers their body in the name of surgery. Other of her victims have warned people ahead yet they’d still go ahead to patronize her” A Twitter user tweeted.

Here are reactions from Nigerians as they seek for justice:

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